Is a crown a good idea after a root canal on a molar, or would a filling be adequate?

Crown is better. After a tooth has had a root canal, it loses some of its structural integrity, because the insides of the tooth have been hollowed from the drilling. As a result, the tooth needs to be reinforced to withstand the pressures of biting and chewing. A filling will fill the hole, but only a crown will cover the whole tooth surface, hold all the pieces together, and dramatically increase longevity.
Crown. It is highly recommended to place a crown on teeth after root canals, especially molars. After a root canal the tooth becomes brittle and a crown keeps the tooth from breaking. More importantly the crown provides a seal against bacteria and ensures that the root canal has a chance to heal and last a long time.
Crown. After a tooth has a root canal completed, it can become more brittle, and the risk for fracture increases. A full-coverage crown, or an onlay, will help protect the tooth from fracture. In general, a filling is not enough, though there are exceptions, and your dentist would be the best person to help you make that decision.
Depends. If the tooth was previously unrestored, and the root canal treatment was performed through a very small opening without sacrificing much tooth, then i would hesitate removing all that good remaining tooth structure to place a crown, that will ultimately need to be replaced due to decay, resultant gum pocket or material fracture. I would consider composite or bonded inlay/onlay.

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