What are red bumps some with a little pus in them that's on the thighs and butt. They do not itch or bother me. I was wondering can dry skin cause th

Folliculitis. If you exercise a lot and wear tight clothing while you were doing so you may have this problem. It is an inflammation of the hair follicle. It can be treated by an over the counter benzoyl peroxide wash. If it does not work see your family physician or dermatologist.

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I have red bumps rite above my butt crack area they were itching but not so much now could this be from dry skin?

Dry skin . Regardless of location can definitely cause red bumps and itching . Could also be contact dermatitis . Lotion up , use moisturizing creams / ointments , mild topical steroids otc to moisten the area and relieve itching , and avoid tight fitting outfit . Read more...

I have dry skin on my legs in red bumps with pus coming out of them on my penis what does it mean?

see your doctor. It sounds like an infection anytime you have pus coming out. You may also be contagious especially if it turns out to be a sexually transmitted disease. Your doctor can make the diagnosis, check your labs and recommend treatment. Try not to pick at it and cause it to spread. Read more...