Can you have endometriosis with just irregular periods but no painful cramps?

It is possible. Typical symptoms of endometriosis include: painful period, painful sexual intercourse, and infertility. There is no significant correlation between severity of pain and degree of endometriosis many patients with nedometriosis do not have any symptoms. Although it is possible, the irregular period is not a common symptom of endometirosis.
Yes. While it would not be the first thing i would suspect, endometriosis can occur with out any cramping whatsoever. You may want to focus on correction of your cycles first.

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I've endometriosis for years. I'm 35, . Usually I have irregular period with clots/painful cramps. Last 2 months pink tissue+ clots. Why?

Not sure, but... Pts who have irregular periods, are prone to an over-development or over-thickening of the uterine lining, and sometimes this can result in prolonged heavy bleeding and passing tissue. You would need labs, and an ultrasound to evaluate the thickness of the endometrium, which your doctor could order. Read more...

Had unprotected sex and irregular periods. Now I am bleeding but have light cramps and I usually have painful cramps. Why is this?

Irregular. Since your periods are irregular then one can not predict when they are going to come or what the cramping is going t be like from one cycle to the next. Consider starting birth control to help improve your regularity and give you control over your cycle as well as control over when you get pregnant. Ibuprofen is often helpful for cramping. Read more...

During my period, I sometimes get painful cramps that lead to me vomiting. I'v always had this. Could it be endometriosis?

Possibly. However, I would need more information to inform you if further woirkuo is indicated. I would recommend taking naproxen 440-500mg every 12 hrs starting about 24-48hrs prior to the onset of your periods until your menstrual flow decreases. Repeat this monthly. You nigh also Consider continuous combined oral contraceptives or a levonorgestrel IUD. If your symptoms persist or worsen may need work up. Read more...