My graves disease went into remmission. My TSH levels were TSH 5.93 t4.14 t4.85 t3125. Is it possible that I can go from hyperthyroid to hypothyroid?

Graves remission. Yes, graves can go into remission. One strategy is to treat with Methimazole for a while, and then see if there is a sustained remission. Other autoimmune diseases behave similarly. The remission may not last forever, however. You can get hyperthyroid again, or it can "burn out" and you can become hypo. See your endocrinologist.
Yes. In fact, this is fairly common. The forms of autoimmune thyroiditis can overlap, and a former graves' sufferer may end up with hashimoto's and hypothyroidism. I'll leave it to the endocrinologists to sort out whether antibodies, clinical picture, or microscopic picture defines the "real" diagnosis -- the key is managing your thyroid status, with meds as needed.