Hepatitis b and c with low platlet count?

Cirrhosis ... You need to contact your doctor pronto. When your platelets start dropping your liver may be decompensating meaning not functioning as well as it could. You could develop bleeding complications.
Possibilities. A platelet count just a bit below the reference range isn't a concern. Hypersplenism from liver disease can destroy platelets and this can be serious. Platelets can absorb immune complexes. Your liver make make too little thrombopoietin. There are a variety of other possibilities. Your personal physician can help you understand the big picture. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21188328.

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Hi drs, my platelet count is low.. how it can be effected by liver? I hve hep b.all counts are normal. Bilirubin 1.69, pls tell

Low plt. platelet can go down due to viral infection i.e.- hepatitis B infection. Also, if one develops liver cirrhosis- spleen can get bigger to compensate the liver damage. big spleen size will suck on the platelet and cause low platelet level on the periphery. Read more...