I have disc protrusion ( (to the left at L5 s1)) and don't want it to become herniation. What is the best safe sport I can play.

It is a Herniation. By definition a disc protrusion is a herniated disk. As far as what sport is safe, that is a million dollar question. Really I would say, play what you enjoy and if the disk becomes a problem then seek medical care right away so you don't have any lasting or activity limiting effects.
Many sports. I typically tell patients to not shy away from any activity that keeps them fit and at a normal weight. That said, running and other high-impact activities can possibly accelerate degenerative conditions of the spine. Low-impact cardio exercises like swimming and biking are great. Also, yoga and pilates are excellent for building core strength.
There's none. ... ..U can become worse with a cough or sneeze, u r @ high risk 2 get worse because of ur age, ; especially if there's a family history of disk disease , ; especially if on the maternal side. U can try any sport, but contact, jumping sports r the most likely 2 cause progression than chess. Good luck 2 u. B sure u r cing a spine surgeon . Image on the right shows a herniated disk in blue.