Do radiology clinics do DEXA tests?

Most do. Most radiology departments perform DEXA scans, usually in the mammography department. The reason is that women have DEXA scans often every 1-2 years and like to schedule it on the same day as their screening mammogram.
DEXA. Many imaging centers do perform DEXA studies. Check the website of your nearest imaging center to verify and make an appointment. Here is a good website if you need more information on DEXA studies in general:
Likely. Dexa scans are used to measure bone density. Many radiology clinics perform this test.
Yes. DEXA studies for assessing bone mineral density are available in most radiology departments and private practices..
Some. Like all imaging centers, there is a variation in the types of exams they perform. While most imaging centers perform the basic radiology procedures like xrays, some of the more specialized examinations like DXA, arthrograms, etc are performed at the larger centers. Your best bet would be to call or check the website.
Yes. Many imaging centers also offer dexa. Also, some doctors have this machine in their office. Call ahead or check online.