My mouth pain is in the back upper at the very back my gums are swollen and stays in on spot. I feel like I have to always chew. Is this a wisdom toot?

Probably, but. Probably. But, it can be other problems. Make sure you are evaluated and treated by a board certified oral & maxillofacial surgeon.
Wisdom tooth likely. From your description it is very likely that your problem is due to a wisdom tooth. The question is: is this normal, but annoying eruption or is it inflammation from an impacted tooth. Your dentist and/or oral surgeon can diagnose this problem for you.Please make an appointment.
Mouth Pain. So given that it may be another wisdom tooth trying to erupt (see an oral surgeon for an xray). It may be due to an injury in that area recently causing the tissue to swell and be irritated. I would see the oral surgeon for the xray first. If no findings then i would see and endodontist to rule out abscess. Let us know how it turns out as it is tough to diagnose without seeing your mouth.