I'm 27 years old. My FSH level is high105 and amh is 0.4. Doctor suggested try donor egg, I don't want it, I want to pregnant naturly. Is there any hope?

FSH 105. It would be incredibly rare to have a "natural" pregnancy with an fsh of 105, i'm very sorry to say. There is sometimes a transient ovarian failure where a woman's fsh may come down again and pregnancy might be possible, but it's not common. You may wish to get the explanation form your doctor in person: sorry, i know this isn't good news.

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34 years old. Amh 1.02 and FSH level is 30.1. Ivf cancelled because of poor stimulation response. Doctor suggests donor eggs. Need second opinion?

Ovarian aging IVF. Based on your response and your lab tests, it appears that the number and quality of the eggs may be lower and your chance of getting pregnant with ivf is low. Still, given your age and you may consider other options before moving to using an egg donor because your chances won't improve over time. However, your best option for conceiving and delivering successfully now would be with an egg donor. Read more...