I have left knee patellar tendonitis and a baker's cyst. It was controlled with os ban and activity mod, but now nothing helps. Time to drain/treat?

Maybe. You should have a follow up complete workup, with MRI included, to make sure there are no other factors contributing to your knee pain. If there are no other complications, then drainage of knee and steroid injection may be helpful.
Baker cyst a symptom. I seldom drain baker's cyst, and i'm skeptical that this helps. The cyst is a symptom of what is going on inside the knee. If conservative treatment isn't helping (you didn't mention nsaids or other medications), perhaps it is time for an MRI for further evaluation.

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How long do I have to rest as an athlete to cure my patellar tendonitis in my left knee?

It depends. It depends on the severity of the tendinitis and how long it has been present. You should figure anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 months but it can be up to 6 months. Read more...

G-daughter had 2 knee surgeries n < a yr 2 fix dislocated knee cap still limited n using knee w/o pain now has patellar tendonitis what % 4 future use?

Refer to answer. Usually patella tendonitis is due muscle power disproportion. Unfortunately what most physical therapist concentrate on quad exercise. Buy a pair of ankle weights of 20 lbs. Put it on her ankle. Lie on stomach and do back ward leg exercises 100 set per day. Twice a day each time for 15 minutes put ice pack on patella tendon. Cold lazer three secession helps it tremendously. Read more...

Is it safe to use heat around my knee to treat patellar tendinitis?

It can. Inflammation of the patella due to overuse or repetitive motion. Overuse injuries respond best with rest, ice and nsaids. Therapy helps with decreasing swelling and pain as well as improving strength and range of motion. Recurring tendinitis could be occurring due to needing to improve running form or perhaps needing orthotics. Read more...