I had a ovarian cyst and I had no period for a montt and a week ago I got Depo-Provera shot now I have headache nausea bad lowerab pain an chest what do I do?

Why depo in 1st plac. Sorry to hear what you car going through. Your symptoms are quite broad and difficult to tell the origins based on the info provided. However, having a history of an ovarian cyst(s) and absent menses for a month may indicate possible pcos as a cause. Lupron (leuprolide) is not generally consider a treatment option for this condition of course but the depot itself can be associated with headaches. Talk with pcp.
Well. I doubt that your symptoms have to do with the depot shot though sometimes you can have irregular bleeding for up to 3 months after the shot. The headache is not from the shot. Are you stressing about it? That could give a headache! the headache is not part of the depot unless from an bleed that is coming or from stress, hope that helps. Good luck and hope you feel better.