2nd day of stiff neck behind left ear. Shooting pain when moving. Heating pad all night and no relief.

Occipital neuralgia. (on) involves the greater and lesser occipital nerves located in the back of the scalp and can produce neck pain as well as headache. The diagnosis of on is entirely dependent upon history and physical examination. Therefore rec.: see a pain management or orofacial pain specialist.

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Shooting pain from behind left ear down my neck and into left arm. Sometimes back up I think? Heart related?? I'm 21 and active.

Possibilities. You may well have disc problem in your neck compressing nerve going down left arm, but thoracic outlet syndrome could present this way. Unlikely at your age that this involves heart but would not hurt to have your doctor do an EKG. Less likely is a jaw issue, TMJ, but if evaluation is non-diagnostic, check in with your dentist. Read more...