Can vaginal dryness cause reoccurring yeast infections...Had this problem for years but symptoms go away if I regularly masturbate?

See answer. As vaginal tissues become drier they lose the acidic protection of the natural lubricant and vaginal environment less effective at fighting infections making yeast infections and utis more likely. Most common in post-menopausal women, much less at age 21. In younger women, cause(s) less obvious. Common in diabetics. Unaware of any scientific validation of masturbation preventing but interesting.

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I have vaginal dryness and have had 3 yeast infections in the last 6 months. I currently have a UTI what's going on? What can I eat to change this?

Drink more water. For the UTI prevention one should drink a lot of water, urinate before and after intercourse and never wipe stool forward when you wipe after a bm. Also, avoiding panty liners might help with the yeast and the uti. Probiotics, yogurt, and cranberry juice would help in your diet as well as a healthy diet without caffeine and with fruits, veggies, grains and lean protein. Also limit simple sugars. Read more...

Having vaginal burning. Yeast infection or vaginal dryness?

Could be either. Cannot tell you without an exam, could also be a herpes infection or a vaginal dystrophy, there are many conditions that could cause burning in someone your age , you need to see your gyn. Read more...