How long does it take to fully recover from having your wisdom teeth out?

Depends. It may be a week to 2 weeks to longer depending on how traumatic the extraction one had.
How deep are they? Depends on how much surgery is required to get them out, your general health, how you heal after surgery, if they are infected, and medications you may be taking lots of things. Generally, 44 year olds recover over a few days or a week.

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How long does it take to recover from wisdom teeth begin removed?

About two weeks. Wisdom tooth extraction is usually not as complicated as you might think. If the wisdom teeth are already erupted (meaning you can see them in your mouth), they should be easy to extract and recovery time will be one to two weeks. If impacted, the procedure is a little more complicated and complete recovery might take a little longer. In either case, you should feel just fine in a two or so weeks.
Varies. Recovery from the removal of wisdom teeth may be related to the age of the patient, the position of the wisdom teeth and level of difficulty in their removal, the type of anesthesia utilized, as well as the skill level of the surgeon and technique used. The most important variable is the patient and how he or she follows instructions and that individual's perception of pain and pain threshold.

Please tell me how long it takes for to recover from wisdom teeth removal?

Depends. Depends a lot on the first 3 hours = bite firm on cotton over this extraction site, and use ice on the outside of the face next to the extraction site. Next day use warm moist compresses on the face next to the extraction site. Do not smoke.