I started having chest pain and neck pain but only on the right side of my neck and it hurts when I breath in deep?

Chest pain? If you have chest pain on deep breath, it suggests pleurisy - inflammation of the outside lining of your lung (the "pleura") but that wouldn't explain neck pain. If the pain if primarily confined to your neck, an overstretched or injured muscle is more likely . A neck injury with nerve root traction could cause pain in both areas - at 17, you're too young for arthritis.

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Have chest pain when I breath and shoulder and neck pain all on the right side its sharp pain.

Be seen . There are multiple potential causes, including conditions that are often quite self limited such as pleurisy; but there are also potentially more dangerous causes such as a pneumonia or even a pup nary embolus. I would encourage you to be seen. Read more...

Chest pain, hard to breath, back and neck pain, diagnosed with costo and anxiety. Normal 2d echo jan 2013, ecg, stress test, endoscopy. Do I have to worry?

Concern? If the problem is not solved, if you are still in pain, then obviously you are still concerned right? Have you gotten a chest xray? I would also consider a rheumatologist (this is a connective tissue specialist) for another opinion of possible connective tissue disease. Read more...