Any suggestions for morning sickness? Trued snackng on bland food regularly but I'm constantly sick n usually vomit 6 times day +everything smells yuk

Remedies . There are many remedies for morning sickness. Some women use ginger tea, others might use a sea band. In terms of prescription there's zofran, and reglan (metoclopramide). There's also rectal compazine. You're doing the right thing by eating small bland meals more frequently. Sometimes a woman can only tolerate something as bland as crackers. Good luck.
Morning sickness. Ginger products may help -- soda, candies, or tea. You can use store bought ginger tea bags or can make this from natural ginger with honey: http://tinyurl.Com/77v8yfd sometimes smelling lemon will help. Peppermint candies help some women. Crackers or toast can help. Mint tea. Vitamin b6 -- 10-25 mg 3 times/day, no more than 75 mg/day. Talk with your doctor before using this supplement.