My 6 month old baby has had a bacterial throat infection twice in the past 8 weeks what is it caused from plz?

Identify bacteria. We all have bacteria in our mouths and throats. If your infant is actually sick from this, then it is essential that the child have a complete throat culture to identify which bacteria are present and which antibiotics are needed to clear the infection. Throat infections in this age group are a bit unusual, so i would talk to your pediatrician about checking immunoglobulin levels if this persists.

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My 6 month old baby has had 2 doses of antibioics in the last 6 weeks for a ear infection and now a throat infection is this ok?

It happens. Clearing ear infections in small infants is sometimes difficult, with reinfection rates running 10% by a month out if it even cleared at all. I encourage parents to use probiotic preparations to help reduce the effect on the kids happy germs that help digestion. Read more...