My spleen was removed, am I more likely to get sepsis if I catch streptococcus pneumonia?

Yes. The spleen has a special role in protecting the body from pneumococcal infection, particularly in younger patients. These patients may take daily antibiotics to [prevent this problem. Check with your doctor for the right therapy.
Yes. And you are more likely to get strep pneumonia as well. Getting vaccinated against strep pneumonia after splenectomy is less effective, but may be beneficial.
Yes. But it would be helpful if you were to get the pneumococcal vaccine. Am surprised that you were not given this before the surgery if it was elective or after the surgery if it was done in an emergency. Should you ever become ill with a fever seek medical assistance immediately and tell them that you have had your spleen removed. Pneumococcal sepsis can kill quickly.
Your are prone to . Splenectomy by surgery or autosplenectomy like in sickle cell disease predisposes patient to encapsulated organism like pneumococcus.Pneumovax may be indicated.