How does a baby get omphalocele? Did I do something wrong?

Born with it. It is rare and the cause is unknown. It occurs in about 1:4500-5000 live births. There is no known cause between how the mother does during the pregnancy and the occurence of omphalocele.
In general, no. It can be associated with certain genetic disorders but often no cause is found. It occurs are 10 weeks of gestation when the intestines returnto the belly from their position in the umbilical cord where they grew in size. Then, the belly wall closes if that fails to occur, an omphalocele occurs. Many pts have other problems as the heart, anus, bladder, chest wall are developing at the same time.
Omphalocele is seen . In many different genetic conditions, including beckwith-wiedemann syndrome & some trisomies. A geneticist looks at the physical features of the baby & does either a microarray or specific tests. Drugs that constrict blood vessels in mom, placenta & fetus (eg., Pseudoephedrine or Cocaine & methamphetamine) during the first 12 weeks after conceiving increase the risk of abdominal wall defects.