I had unprotected sex during ovulation, 9 days later I bleed for a brief time (2 hrs) 10 days before my scheduled period. The bleeding since comes & goes. I get negative pregnancy test. What's going on?

Hard to say. There's always the implantation all bleed, it could be anovulation, or cervictis, bottom line is are you pregnant. It could be a very early threatened pregnancy loss. Try and relax if you wanted to you could check Progesterone a d HCG levels, but most commonly low Progesterone comes from a pregnancy destined to fail. If you are healthy just wait . Time will declare your course the rest is guess.

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Had unprotected sex fri-sun. Following weekend had light bleeding for a day, but negative pregnancy test 2 days after? My periods regular. Any advice?

Use protection! :) Unless you are trying to get pregnant, always, always, always use protection. This is so important, not only to avoid pregnancy, but also reduce your risk of STDs! Keep a calendar and record when you are having your periods. There is smartphone app that you can use to keep track of your periods and it will also show you when you are most likely to get pregnant. Read more...