How do you fix dry eye?

Artificial tears. This is a very broad question. Start with articial tears, you may need plugs. See your eyecare physician. You need to be placed on prescription drops such as Restasis or even topical corticosteroids. Check your medication lists for dry eye and mouth side effects. This can become a chronic problem and require long term care. May need to change your dietary habits and improve your hydration .
Many ways. Dry eye syndome is not so much cured as it is controlled. First of all, you should see an eye doctor to determine the root cause of the dryness. Then a treatment plan can be outlined which addresses the problem. Treatment may include puntcal plugs, artificial tears, topical anti-inflammartory medication and even dietary and lifestyle changes.
Lubrcatei. One can use artificial tears and take oral omega-3s. Warm compresses to stimulate more tear production. A humidifier in the home. Beyond that you need the advice of an eye md. They may recommend pucntal plugs, medicated drops, etc.
Need a proper dx. Please seek out a n eye specialist who understands the different types of dry eye. They have different treatments. Good luck..