Acne on my chin and jawline. Derm prescribed Accutane on first app. Should I try hormonal treatment first?

Your decision. I'm glad you're seeking to make an informed choice. Isotretinoin is the big guns for severe disease. A topical or systemic antibiotic, and topical spironolactone, are also possibilities. The oral contraceptive pill, if you can take it, may clear you.
Yes. Acne on the chin and jawline is almost always hormonal. I don't think trying Accutane before other more conservative treatments is a wise decision. Accutane is a great drug and can really help this type of acne but has a lot of risks and side effects. It is best to try other treatment first like creams, lotions, washes, facials, antibiotics, and even birth control pills.

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Does Accutane generally help hormonal adult acne along the jawline and chin or is it more effective for adolescent acne?

Can help . Accutane primarily works on acne by reducing the size of the oil glands. It also thins the top layer of the skin known as the stratum corneum. It also also alter the overreactive immune response to clogged oil glands. It does have a number of potential side effects, so oral antibiotics or birth control pills are tried first in most cases. Read more...