My baby is having seizures in the nicu, is that epilepsy?

It may or may not be. It depends on if there is another cause of the seizures, like low blood sugar or other metabolic problems. The neonatologist can tell you what is causing the seizures. I hope your baby improves soon!
Workup and mgt. I agree that the underlying cause of the seizures guides the treatment and whether there is a future problem. The workup typically will include investigations to detect infection, metabolic and structural changes affecting the nervous system. If there is low oxygen tension from premature lung disease or congenital heart disease this also may lead to neonatal seizures. I hope that the baby is well.

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Why shouldn't people restrain an infant or child with epilepsy during a seizure?

You can break bones. The shaking an infant or child does will not hurt them. However, well, meaning people that have restrained a kid during a seizure have actually broken arms or other bones when the violent spasms occurred against their pressure to stop them. Read more...
Adults overwhelm kid. People having an epileptic seizure may move their bodies with unrestrained force. If an adult restrains the child, the difference in power of the adult may have a lever effect that might cause a fracture of an upper or lower extremity. Just move the seizing person away from the corners of furniture, place them on the floor so they will not fall if you leave to call 911. Protect the head. Read more...