My mom got her thyroid tested. T3 (liothyronine) & T4 are normal but TSH is 16.7. Any concerns?

Yes. A high TSH suggests thyroid hypo-function. Tsh often changes before t3 (liothyronine) and t4. If would be prudent to consult your doctor for thyroid supplementation. Please note that all lab results need to be interpreted in the clinical context and the doctor who ordered the test is usually in the best position to do that.

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My T3 (liothyronine) free is low 2.2 TSH and T4 free are normal my mom and 2 daughters have hashimotos and my thyroid is enlarged does this mean I have thyroid probl?

Hashimotos. You may have low grade hashimotos. With that family history and an enlarged thyroid it is quite possible that autoimmunity is slowly damaging your thyroid. But your thyroid has enlarged to compensate, and the normal TSH suggests that is compensating adequately now. Talk to your endocrinologist. You may become hypothyroid eventually, but it may not be for years. Read more...

Fatigue4weeks. MD doesn't know why I'm tired. T4&T3 just made normal range.1point lower& abnormal. TSH normal. Mom has Graves. I have lupus. Repeat thyroid?

Fatigue. Without an abnormal TSH, It doesn't appear that thyroid problems are the cause of your fatigue. Other causes could be chronic inflammation(like lupus),anemia, iron deficiency,infection,low heart rate or other heart trouble,chronic stress and anxiety, certain medications and inadequate sleep. If in doubt,repeat the thyroid panel but consider other causes of chronic fatigue. Read more...