Severe spine pain when pushed on gently, 2 spots one in lower one in mid back. Could this be spinal cancer? Chronic pain, had scoliosis xray 6 m ago.

Unlikely. Bone cancer does cause spinal pain but many other causes are more likely to be the source of your pain. Bone cancer is sometimes felt as a lump and is often worse at night. X-rays can be helpful as yours did not show signs of cancer. Other tests can be done if needed. If pain is chronic, it is more likely to be mechanical pain in joints, muscles, or due to disc problems.
Slow down. I treat pain. Spine cancer isn't the first thing that comes to mind. This evaluation is done in a step wise fashion. First you go to your doctor and give them all the information about this pain in your back. That will allow someone who can speak to you and examine you to determine the best next step. This is not that format. Worrying wastes time.