Brown discharge instead of period 3 times in one month, lower back pain, cramping, and headaches tubes tied 4 yrs ago neg pregnant test. What could it be?

Hormonal. Most problems are structural or hormonal. Assuming your previous cycles were normal and the test was on concentrated urine then i would assume ovulatory dysfunction is the cause. Progesterone may fix it. Always think tubal pregnancy. Could be infection less likely if monogamous. Re ck the test and if it doesn't clear see a gyn.

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I'm 32 yrs old, I have lower back pain and pain in the pelvic area and hot flashes with no period, had my tubes tied 10mths ago after having baby #3.

This is concerning. This combination of symptoms that you describe concern me. If you were only having hot flashes and no period, I might suspect premature menopause. Lab tests for specific hormones could confirm or refute this. But the low back and pelvic pain need to be evaluated promptly. You might have a uterine or pelvic infection, an ectopic pregnancy or malignancy. Don't wait. Read more...