I have blood protein and white cells in my urine tests came back no UTI had two courses of antibiotics but still persists what could this mean?

See answer. Urinalysis (u/a) can be misleading in females regarding the presence or absence of a uti. Urine culture most accurate. Lack of response to 2 antibiotics would suggest abnormal u/a is not due to a uti. If significant protein (1-2+ or more), implies renal disease. Can confirm with blood tests. If significant blood (>3 rbcs/hpf), then need kidney imaging (ct urogram or renal us) and cystoscopy.

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Need suggestions sporadic cloudy urine r/s kidney pain blood protein 8.1, urine protein 10mg, ESR 29mm all other blood and urine tests normal. Fu 1wk?

Rule out Stones. Normal urine test makes stone less likely. But would ultrasound your kidneys to rule out right side kidney stone. Cloudy urine is probably occurs on the days when you take dairy (milk, ice cream, shake, cheese) and vegetable-rich diet. The significance is that you may form phosphate stone this way. Cut dairy some to avoid kidney stone disease. Read more...