Doc said reason for my glare may be minute lenticular opacities (not cataracts) visible only on very close observation. But my glares are v bad. Remedy?

Sounds like cataract. Any time there are opacities in the lens it may be called a cataract. There are many types of cataracts, some focal and small opacities, some diffuse. At this point in time, the only treatment for cataract that i know of that is successful is surgery. Surgery decisions need to be discussed in detail.
A rose by any name.. Regardless of what you call them, lens opacities (and corneal ones, too) can cause glare. Other causes possible as well, like dryness of the ocular surface, scratches on your eyeglasses or protein on your contacts. What to do depends on the clinical course (getting worse or staying stable) and how much they affect your function. Use ocular lubricants daily. Recheck in a few months. Go from there.
Tinted glasses. Lens opacities are by definition a type of cataract. But if they are very small there's no indication for surgery. Your optician can recommend or show you samples of anti glare glasses.
Try dry eye therapy. As a cataract surgeon, i see many people with lenticular opacities and no symptoms. Most the time i find that glare symptoms can be from dry eyes (or meibomian gland dysfunction). However, on rare occasions, glare or halos can be from narrow angles (glaucoma) and hence you should have your ophthalmologist or optometrist check for narrow angles.
Polarized Sunglasses. Technically, any lenticular opacity is a cataract, but if your visual acuity is good with correction, cataract surgery is not indicated. Veiling glare is a function of diffraction of light, and the higher the wavelength (i.e. More blue, like fluorescent lights) the worse the glare. So a yellow/amber/rose/brown filter, preferably with polarization, to reduce reflected light, is optimal. Od or eyemd.
Early cataracts. While the cataract may look "early" - your symptoms suggest otherwise. Cataract surgery is now extremely safe, and you may want to discuss cataract surgery with your doctor good luck.