I have ulcerative colitis and can't stop the bleeding?

Seek help. Medical therapy first. If refractory, surgery may be indicated.
Rectal bleeding. You should be under the care of a gastroenterologist. There are a number of medications which may be used including medicated suppositories, medicated enemas, oral medications, injectable medications etc. Ongoing bleeding with treatment is not the norm. Therefore seek evaluation to determine why you are having prolonged bleeding. One (or additional (measures listed above may be needed.

Related Questions

Possible reasons for bleeding from ulcerative colitis?

Inflammation. The inflammation on the lining of the bowel causes that lining to break down. So essentially there is injury to your body. The bleeding is a natural extension of this. The treatments are medications to correct the inflammation actually. Then, the body will naturally heal the lining of the bowel and the bleeding will stop.

Why haven't I stopped bleeding after prednisone regiment for ulcerative colitis?

If you are. Still bleeding from uc after steroids, it could be serious. Get back to your GI specialist immediately.

Is internal bleeding a common problem of ulcerative colitis?

No- read on. Ulcerative colitis is often diagnosed when someone seeks medical advice for rectal bleeding. However, internal bleeding usually implies bleeding into a body cavity, such as the abdomen or chest. This can be seen after surgery, and in unusual situations even when no surgery has occurred. However, it is rarely seen in uc in the absence of other complications.
Can bleed. Yes bleeding is one of the complication of ulcerative colitis can occur but more serious complications are perforation, malignancy, need regular follow up by your physician.

Why's it the fact that you get bleeding with ulcerative colitis but not with crohn's?

Crohn's colitis. Can cause bleeding too, but less frequently. Ulcerative colitis is a disease that affects mainly the mucosa or the inner lining, so rectal bleeding is more common. Crohn's colitis, in contrast, affects the entire wall of the colon, so perforations and fistulas are more common.

I had a colonoscopy 5 days ago. I have ulcerative colitis but now my stomach hurts worse and I have more bleeding than normal. Suggestions?

No unusual. The Colonoscopy "stirs" up the bowel. The endoscopiswt puts air into the bowel to be able to see the inside properly! ...If the bleeding continues NOTIFY YOUR Gastroenterologist! Hope this helps! Dr Z.