Is it safe to play sports or do a water apnea with a congenital pulmonary stenosis? (already with tricuspide insufficiency and respiratory failiure)?

M.D. visit/test. If you have significant limitations in your daily activities such as walking up a flight of stairs, exertion in sports will worsen your condition. It is best to check with your physician, and to obtain an exercise test and/or a six minute walk test. I hope that you do well.
Incomplete info. You don't provide enough information to answer your question. Pulmonary stenosis can be mild to critical or anywhere in between. If it is mild, there are no restrictions. Pulmonary stenosis does not cause respiratory failure, so I am uncertain where that fits in. Generally, respiratory failure implies that you need to be on a ventilator or require other significant support.
Major heart issues. Absolutely not safe - you have a fragile cardiac status and any stress can put you into failure.