Any new, recent developments in treatment of emphysema?

A new drug. There is a brand new drug that has been fda approved for copd/emphysema. It is called Daliresp (roflumilast) (brand name). It works by blocking an enzyme called "phosphodiesterase." it has been shown to reduce the number of attacks of copd. There are a number of side effects, and you should definitely discuss them with your doctor. I have had a mixed record of success with the meds. But, that is the latest.
Daliresp (roflumilast) That is a new drug to avoid complications in emphysema patients. Steam bronchoscopy is used in other countries to decrease the size of overinflated emphysema lungs.
Not really. Many modifications of drugs already available will be released in the next 18 months. It's going to be several years before advances in molecular biology are translated into meaningful advances in the treatment of emphysema.