Is a rapid heart rate one of the main symptoms of congestive heart failure?

Can be. Rapid heart rate is definitely one of the constellation of symptoms of untreated heart failure. As the heart weakens, the only mechanism for it to maintain its output is to increase the rate, the feedback mechanisms in the body which dictate more cardiac output lead to the increased heart rate.
Yes. A fast heart rate suggest decompensation and usually suggest either a low cardiac output ot high systemic resistance. A rapid heart rate can also signify high adrenergic state due to respiratory compromise.
Possibly. It may indicate the presence of congestive hert failure. However, fast heart beat may lead to congestive heart failure itself, by not giving heart eniugh time to pump sufficient blood and making heart muscles tired and weak by overworking them. Fast heart beat must be evaluated by a physician to determine the cause and treatment if necessary.

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Is a rapid heart rate a symptom of congestive heart failure?

Unlikely. Although the heart rate increases to compensate for inadequate pumping by the heart there are many more common reasons for a rapid heart rate. Common symptoms of heart failure are fluid retention and difficulty breathing (particularly when lying flat).
Unlikely. Though patients that have a rapid heart rate for an extended period of time (weeks to months) without having symptoms can develop congestive heart failure to a weakened heart.
It can be. This can be a possible symptom of heart damage or heart failure. I would get evaluated right away.

Is it normal for a person with congestive heart failure to have a heart rate of 122?

Incomplete therapy. In congestive heart failure, there is activation of the sympathetic nervous system, which is a contributor to tachycardia. The reflexes that lead to this are complex. Simplistically, though, this is a sign that you need additional therapy. Outcomes are best in people who are on beta-blockers, typically Carvedilol or metoprolol, which have the additional affect of slowing heart rate.

What to do if I have high heart rate, congestive heart failure?

Heart rate. You need to be seen to determine why do you have fast heart rate. Uncontrolled heart rate can tip you to heart failure exacerbation. Make sure you go to your physician for an ekg.

Is it ok to take metropolol if suffering from congestive heart failure and heart rate is 47-5. also have history of dialysis?

YES. Low-Dose beta blockers are now an accepted adjunct therapy for individuals with heart failure.
Call your Doc or ER. You should be carefully following with your nephrologist and your cardiologist due to your medical conditions and history. It is vital to know, and they would know if your heart rate of 47 is new, and/or how they have addressed it in the past. If you came to see me, I would send you directly to the Emergency Room by ambulance. If you cannot reach your doctors for advice, go to the ER.