If you have a rapid heart rate and unexplained shivering when you are sick, is that dehydration or is that fever?

Maybe both. That may be a result of both fever and dehydration. Fever, left untreated, will result in dehydration and they both (fever and dehydration) lead to tachycardia (rapid heart rate).

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No health problems. Frequent peeing, dehydration, rapid heart rate, stress, weakness. Could stress and anxiety cause dehydration? I've had 4 ivs.

Dehydration. I don't what types of tests you have had but diabetes insipid us and diabetes mellitus need to be ruled out. Also other endocrine abnormalities including pituitary tumor needs to be ruled out.

Can Buspar cause flu-like symptoms (without a fever), vomiting and rapid heart rate?

Anxiety? . make sure your not overlooking the illness that your taking the bus par for like anxiety/acute anxiety.

Seizures (about 5) for the last 6 mo., rapid heart rate, chest pain directly between breasts, dizziness daily, dehydration, and head aches. Any ideas?

Daily dizziness. You really should be seen in an er if you have a rapid heart rate (r). You need to be evaluated for hyperthyroidism and/or a cardiac problem. The next time you have one of these r's, get to an er as quickly as possible. If it's present when you are examined, an answer may be found. If not, you will blood work sent off and be sent to the proper physician for treatment and a cure. Good luck.
? epilepsy? Are these "non-epileptic seizures", as I do not see usual anti-epileptic meds. I too am concerned regarding cardiac status, and your symptoms, and agree with need to get properly diagnosed and subsequently treated.

Rapid heart rate (120 resting), nausea, bloody stool, migraines, mild fever following snowboarding and a few hard falls (one to head). 6 hours since??

The ER calls you. I believe your resting heartrate is way too high and may represent an incompensable bleed that could be occurring thorugh the GI system or into the peritoneum. The best thing to do for yourself aside from getting to the ER is tanking up with as much fluid (water, juice, milk) as possible right now. Get some samples of your stool from the toilet as well...if possible and take it in for testing.