Advice on how to stop someone with tricotillomania - pulling out eyebrows?

Expert evaluation. This is an area that most well trained psychiatrists will agree on its genesis. Inherited predisposition + significant developmental challenges similar to other compulsions. The ''meaning'' varies. This is an area of ongoing disagreement; particularly because associated symptoms can vary significantly. A comb. Of med.(anti-dep &/ or novel anti-psych. + there. Is best so far.
Med and therapy. Trichotillomania is an impulse control disorder, treated by med and behavioral therapy.
Hair pulling. Trichotillomania (ttm) is characterized as an impulse control disorder in which individuals fail to resist urges to pull out their own hair, and is associated with significant functional impairment and psychiatric comorbidity. Treatment with ssri shows mix results. A newer drug with potential benefits include aripiprazole, Dronabinol and Naltrexone are showing promise in treating this condition.