What is the difference between the fields of psychology and psychiatry?

Medical training. Psychiatrists go to medical school for 4 years and residency for another four years. Then many take a board examination. Psychologists get training in a university and obtain a phd. They have to write a thesis and do a internship and sometimes a post doctorate.
A psychiatrist is an. M.D. Or D.O. Who treats mental illness. A dr certified by the amer bd of psychiatry ; neurology has completed a residency in psychiatry ; passed a certification exam. A clinical psychologist has a pH.D., psy.D. Or ed.D. In psychology that includes an internship ; post-doctoral supervision, ; has the most training of any profession in non-drug treatments of mental/emotional disorders.
Training & experienc. My colleagues have supplied excellent information here. I also ran across an article by dr. Sharon packer (md, psychiatrist) which illustrates the difference through a clinical story: http://tinyurl.Com/kn4wclw the other mental health professional in the story here is not a psychologist, but dr. Packer clearly describes how her medical training made a lifesaving difference to a patient.
The difference is. That psychiatrists go to medical school after college and, after graduating with an md, attend a residency in psychiatry. After college, psychologists go to graduate school and obtain a phd.
Psychology. Psychologists provide counseling & perform testing & other modalities such ad hypnosis & biofeedback. Psychiatrists provide medical treatment and psychotherapy.
Psychiatrist. is an MD or DO and can prescribe medications .A pychologist has a doctorate in psychology and cannot prescribe medications.
Therapy vs meds. Speaking very generally, most psychologists hold either a PhD or a PsyD degree (I hold both) and practice psychotherapy. Psychiatrists hold either an MD or a DO degree, and they prescribe psychotropic medications, and generally do not do all that much therapy these days, but years ago psychiatrists would do both.