I have type 2 diabetes. I take meds and have lost 11 pounds. Lately my blood sugar has been high. I thought weight loss was good for diabetes?

It is! However, poor glucose control will cause weight loss. So, it is possible the reason you're losing weight is because your sugar is poorly controlled.
Interesting. I don't see any medications for diabetes in your med list. Unless contraindicated i would think metformin would be a good choice. It will help with weightloss, keep your blood sugars more stable, and is one of the mainstays of diabetic treatment. Tracking your ha1c will be a more accurate predictor of overall control. Think of the range 70-180 (green zone):).
Maybe diet,,, Losing weight is very good and it's important to keep it up and keep the weight off, but what you eat may also be just as important. If you haven't already, try to stay away from foods high in carbs like bread and pastries and eat more proteins and vegetables. Some meds like Lisinopril can affect liver function. You can see your dr. For a type ii diabetes med to help lower your sugar.