Is the treatment for pregnancy gingivitis different than for nonpregnant gingivitis?

Yes. Due to the large changes in hormones during pregnancy, gingivitis is not thought of as a constant but is watched for undo changes. Proper hygiene should be maintained in both conditions, or achieved for constancy in expected results. In a more stable condition outside of pregnancy, hopefully before pregnancy, a good hygiene should have already been established to know that maintenance is present.
NO. Co-enzyme q 10 deficiency causes gingivitis and indicates normal metabolic decline in old people. This is because this substance is known to be a "conditional nutrient". It is synthesized in the body by younger people and it is abundantly clear that poor diet is responsible in pregnancy. A supplement of coq10 will clear your gingivitis, but look at your diet!

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Is pregnancy gingivitis different from regular gingivitis?

See below. Pregnancy gingivitis is believed to be secondary to hormonal changes during pregnancy. Regular is not.
Yes. Pregnancy gingivitis is caused by the multitude of hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy. You must maintain impeccable oral hygiene during pregnancy and afterwards. I have a lot of patients use multiple pregnancies as an excuse for tooth loss and dentures. I think this tooth decay is most likely due to less emphasis on oral hygiene due to the stress of pregnancy and child rearing.
Yes. Can be similar symptoms between the two, but with pregnancy related gum problems it can be traced to the changes in hormone levels. And some will develop quite large "pregnancy tumors" or one area of a really swollen gum. See the dentist and keep up good oral care habits.