What could cause my 15 year old daughter to have swollen glands, low blood count, spine pain, exhaustion and high calcium levels?

Lots of things. You also list a ruptured esophagus. Is this your daughter also? If so, how did that happen? At the top of my list is a parathyroid adenoma (high calcium, fatigue, bone pain); most teens have some palpable lymph nodes and many teenaged girls are a bit anemic. It's a mistake to ask for interpretation of labs apart from clinical information ; actual values. Insist her physician explain.
Sounds bad. High calcium(if confirmed on 2 separate occasions) is usually a sign of serious illness in your person who has spinal bone(?Bone disease). She needs to see a pediatrician or an oncologist right away to find the cause. I hope it is not some sort of cancer causing it.