My left testis is bigger in size than right testis why and what I can do to decrease its size?

Normal man. Of course it is. That is how it is for a man. One testicle is the dominant one and the other is there for back up. This is normal.
Probably okay... Oftentimes, an enlarged scrotum (on one side) is mistakenly perceived as a large testis by many laypersons; in fact, it's hydrocele, which is more common in the old, and if so, surgery (hydrocelectomy) can successfully get rid of it. So, it's worthwhile to see a urologist for detail.

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My right testis hang lower then left one and left testis is small than right one. My testis are small do size of testis matter in fertility?

Mild size. asymmetry between the testicles is normal. Also, they may normally be suspended at different angles and at different heights. However, if you feel like there might be a problem, see your doctor for an evaluation. Read more...

Big varicocele on left testis, since my symptoms on left testis have gotten worse, my right testis also began to get some discomfort/pain? Pls explain

Suggest ultrasound. Approximately 90% of varicoceles are left sided and 10% are bilateral. Treatment is varicocelectomy or nonsurgical intervention with embolism of varicocele. Ultrasound is best method of defining presence of varicoceles. You probably should have if not already ultrasound exam to determine etiology of pain.Ultrasound also defines other etiologies of scrotal pain. Read more...

I've a big varicocele on left testis, I can see/feel that it push the right testis? Is it the reason at to why there is discomfort in right testis?

Here are some ... I assumed your varicocelectomy was done some 1-3 yrs ago concerning testicular atrophy. As to the profile of right side, I suspect its cause of discomfort may not be related with left varicocele but with ?intermittent torsion, ?hydrocele, ? spermatocele, ?referring pain, etc. A detailed review of history, physicals, etc. can clarify the myth of your concern. So, ask Urologist timely. Read more...