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Does fresh blood mixed with stool come from higher than the sigmoid colon? From what I understand a sigmoidoscopy is a pointless test.?

Well, ... Bright red Blood per your rectum (BRBPR) is never normal and signifies that most likely you have a bleed close to your anus. A sigmoid scope will only see the distal third of your colon, so most Doctors will opt to simply do a full colonoscopy to see the whole colon and assure that there is no bleeding coming from anywhere else too.
Usually lower. Bright red blood mixed with an otherwise normal stool usually suggests a lower tract source - hemorrhoid, anal fissure, rectal polyp or cancer. These can be readily observed with just a physical examination and sigmoidoscopy. Not look at the whole colon, a colonoscopy is necessary, a point to which I think you're alluding.