Is it safe for me to drink caffeine while breastfeeding?

Yes. A breastfeeding mom (with no past caffeine problems) may enjoy some caffeinated drinks after her baby is 2-3 months. During the first 2-3 months, a mom may be napping between baby feedings, so should avoid caffeine. Also, new babies may be more sensitive to the small amount of caffeine in breastmilk, compared to babies over 3 months. A mom can drink her caffeine after breastfeeding, to be safest.
Yes. It will take up to 4 days for the newborn (12 hrs @ 3mo) to eliminate half the caffeine they get thru bm it is a good idea to avoid it early and use sparingly later. Relative baby transfer is up to 25%. Peak bm levels @1-2hrs after taken. Aggitation, jittery, fussiness etc are possible. Chronic use may decrease iron in bm. See hall "medications and mothers' milk, 2010.
Yes. Safe? Yeah, to a point. Caffeine is a known neuro stimulant, and will make it into the breast milk. If you have a small amount of caffeine, such as 1-2 sodas per day or a cup of coffee, the baby should be fine. More than that and there can be jitteriness and other signs noted. Some babies react poorly to any caffeine, and become gassy, bloated and uncomfortable.
Yes. Most children tolerate small amounts of caffeine in breast milk just fine, so keep your intake on the low side. If the baby gets jittery when nursing after you consume caffeinated beverages, she's trying to tell you to cut back.

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