2yo girl with 9 +11 at 53 instead of 60+ blood cell count with low grade fever and waking up at night screaming. What could this be?

See a pediatrician. Answered this yesterday, indicating that had no idea what the values (which blood cells?) you are quoting mean, but that no baby should be waking up screaming every night without some good reason, and the best and only way in which to resolve this is with a thorough history, physical exam and possibly labs and imaging studies. Do they not have pediatricians in the uk health service?

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2yo girl waking up screaming every night, with 9 +11 at 53 instead of 60+ blood cell count, regular low grade fevers. What could this be?

See a pediatrician. Do not really understand your description of values, but no child should be up and screaming every night. Something is going on that needs expert input. If there is an infectious diseases pediatrician available this might be of help. Read more...

What would cause a higher billyruben level and a lower white blood cell count in an adult? Symptoms are nausea, vomiting, low grade fever

Many causes... Many things can cause high bilirubin and low white count. Common causes are biliary obstruction by gallstones, tumors or scarring in the gallbladder, pancreas, and bile ducts. Hemolysis (rupture of red blood cells) can also raise your bilirubin. Please follow up with your doctor because additional work up is needed. Read more...