Is cyclizine tablets ok for side effects of parathyroidsm?

Unlikely to help. Cyclizine tablets are unlikely to help the symptoms of parathyroidism. It is an antihistamine which is used for allergy symptoms and for nausea and vomiting. Please check with your doctor regarding which medications are best for treating your symptoms. Good luck! go to this link for more information http://www.Uptodate.Com/contents/primary-hyperparathyroidism-beyond-the-basics?Source=see_link.
Has been used. I assume you meant hyperparathyroidism. Cyclizine is an antihistamine and usually used for symptoms of dizziness. It also has a role in managing nausea that can be caused by such things as hypercalcemia since it works centrally in the brain. So the best answer depends on which symptoms you meant and what kind of parathyroid problem you have. Hopefully you are having someone try to find cause.