I am 17 weeks pregnant. My wisdom tooth has been hurting for the past 3 days & right cheek is now swollen I can't stand the pain! What can I do?

Call your dentist. You'll need to be evaluated to see if there is a minor procedure that can be performed to ease your discomfort. If not, then your dentist will consult with your obgyn to formulate a course of action. You may not be able to wait until giving birth, and if you get a huge infection, it will only make things worse. Call today for an appt.
Get treated. See an oral surgeon as soon as possible. You should be on antibiotics and have the tooth evaluated for removal, either now or after you deliver. The oral surgeon will discuss this with you and probably consult with your obstetrician. Not getting proper dental treatment, especially when there is an infection present is worse for both you and your unborn child.