Miscarriage 10 days ago, no bleeding for 3 days, why is pregnancy test still positive?

Takes days to weeks. After miscarriage occurs HCG does not disappear from womens body right away. The level falls back to zero in few days to few weeks. Hcg (human chorionic gonadotropins) is what is detected in urine to detect pregnancy.

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How do I know if I miscarried? I took a pregnancy test about 4 weeks ago and it was positive. I am now bleeding and I have been bleeding for 6 days really bad and painful IV had blood cloats they were kinda small. I took a pregnancy again while bleeding a

You. You likely miscarried as your pregnancy test was positive and is now negative after heavy bleeding. A blood pregnancy test is more sensitive than a urine test and might still detect some of the pregnancy hormone in your blood (beta hcg) to confirm that you were indeed pregnant. For handouts on post-miscarriage care, see our website and click on patient forms and handouts: www. Uwmedicine. Org\obstetrics.

If you suspect a miscarriage can you still check and see if pregnant while bleeding with a pregnancy test.

Yes. Yes, you can check, but urine pregnancy test may not be quite reliable because blood may alter the test and the level of hormone sometimes may be too low to be detected. A serum pregnancy test, instead, is more reliable.

I was told I was having a miscarriage. 2 weeks on and off bleeding, stopped now. Pregnancy test still saying pregnant. Why is that?

Please see your gyn. U need an exam a quant bhcg and an ultrasound, depending on how high the beta HCG got, it can take a while for it to go to less than 5, also you want to make sure u do not have any retained tissue which would give u a perisitent+ bhcg also u want to r/o the uncommon occurence of a molar pregnancy so please see your obgyn.

Positive pregnancy test but bleeding? I'm worried I either got a false positive or I'm having a miscarriage, and I can't get it checked out.

Get to ER/hospital. You could very likely be having a miscarriage. If you did your test soon after you thought you became pregnant, it might have already occurred. Either way you should see a doctor very soon. If the bleeding doesn't stop or gets worse, get to a hospital or er immediately, as you might have torn something there and need attention to stop bleeding or prevent infection. Best of luck.
Call your doctor. See if you can get seen by your obgyn today or tomorrow. Get seen immediately in an er if you are soaking a pad an hour, or you feel dizzy or lightheaded. If its an impending miscarriage the er and your doctor can't fix it. So if there is not an emergency, don't sit in the er for hours.