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My wife is experiencing dizzy spells and heart palpitations. She has had heart palpitations before but not dizzy spells. But she does get tired someti?

Needs a few tests. Palpitations are a conscious awareness of your own heart beat. It can be simple premature beats or one of multiple arrythmias. The palpitations can be the cause of your problems or reactive to other conditions. Pts with dizzyness and palpitations are particularly worrisome. She needs a full history and physical, labs, cxr, and ekg. A echo should be tone too. Holter/event recorder also as needed.

Been getting dizzy spells, can't catch my breath, face is hot to the touch and sporadic heart palpitations, been under lots of stress anxiety?

See your doctor. Although stress and anxiety can certainly result in the symptoms that you mention, it is extremely important that you see your doctor ASAP for a complete evaluation. By discussing these symptoms and undergoing a physical examination, your doctor can then determine what testing may be warranted. From there, appropriate referrals can be made depending on the results. Hope this is helpful. Best.

Having a number of heart palpitations dizzy spells lately. Hypoglycemic. Also had 2 unit blood transfusion 3 months ago. Wondering if they're related?

Certainly could be! If you had a blood transfusion do they know what the blood loss was from? If you are now having dizzy spells and palpitations with that history I would go to the ER immediately for check of your blood counts.
Anemia. Possibly related if you are still suffering from anemia or there is persistent bleeding. It is important to obtain an evaluation with your medical doctor and repeat the blood work as soon as possible.

Which are hidden heart diseases manifested with palpitations and dizzy spells that are not being diagnosed with echo and EKG & require further tests?

Atherosclerosis, . typically stating later childhood, is dominant issue underlying cardiovascular disease; does not show on echo/EKG (only ↓ function from death of millions cells does). Disease is in the wall of the arteries (not the openings) & invisible by most current technology. Intravascular ultrasound, where done, is best research technology. Hi-Quality US of carotid bifurcations/femoral artery walls may show.