Can brain damage be caused by an interaction between medical marijuana and certain medications? E.G. Benztropine

Marijuana. As the doctor who pushed the legalization of medical marijuana in washington and many other places i want to speak very frankly to you. You are fooling yourself if you think marijuana is helping you medically with your mental health conditions. You are setting yourself up for a rough ride with addiction at your young age. I know of no ethical doctor who would recommend this for you.

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Can mixing medical marijuana and prescribed medications cause brain damage?

Actually, in your. Situation, yes. The problem is not mixing marijuana with the medications you're on, rather, the problem is mixing marijuana with the fact you already have a psychotic illness. This is an absolute contraindication to marijuana use. You should stop using it immediately. It is of no benefit to you and can cause subtle brain damage in those areas of your brain that help you stay in touch with reality. Best wishes. Read more...