Any new techniques to avoid spreading of herpes simplex 2?

Suppressing herpes. Taking the suppression dose of a herpes medication may reduce your risk of transmission by fifty percent.

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How herpes simplex 2 outbreak can be avoided. How it is common?

Multi factorial. Avoid sun exposure, get plenty of rest, keep up a healthy immune system, good nutrition, avoid physical and mental stressors, and others who have transmitable infections. Remember, this virus is opportunistic!

Can I have herpes simplex 2?

Possibly. Local symptoms from a herpes simplex 2 infection are usually is seen 2 to 12 days after exposure ; consists of a cluster of lesions that look like blisters. The lesions can appear on the penis, anus, labia or cervix ; they can spread, coalesce followed by crusting over. The fluid in the lesions is very contagious. Some people contract herpes simplex 2 without symptoms.

I was wondering what are the chances I have herpes simplex 2?

Ever been at risk? You don't say why you're wondering but you should know that anyone who has had sexual contact with an infected person can contract herpes. Hsv2 usually shows up in the genital area so, be on the lookout for sores, fissures and ulcers. If you want to be sure, a provider can test your blood for antibodies that show you've been exposed and examine you for signs of active disease. Don't pass it on.

How/why is herpes simplex 2 considered worse than herpes simplex 1?

It isn't. These viruses are very similar except that type I usually infects around the mouth and type ii around the genitalia.

What are the chances I have herpes simplex 2 from french kissing?

It is possible. The only way to avoid it is to know the status of your partner prior to kissing and always practice safe sex.