Hi I'm currently 6 months pregnant, and I'm not sure of immunization. I keep reading that they are linked to autism. Should I space them out.

Please try not to. Fret. Early reports linking autism to mercury in vaccines did not pan out.
More information. The whole autism-immunization connection turned out to be a hoax of disastrous proportions. Immunizations are without question one of the top five advances of all time in children's health. As a pregnant mother your child's immunizations should start with both flu and pertussis vaccines in your 3rd trimester. For more accurate information go to: www.Vaccineinformation.Org and www.Healthychildren.
Immunizations. Forget about immunizations causing autism. This theory has been scientifically disproven. For yours and your babys protection get your necessary immunizations.
Spacing hurts. After decades in the business I have fought with the vaccine haters spouting one reason or the other, all which have been disproven. If you want a Playboy Bunnie to advise you, space the shots. I have followed the process since we went from 1 to 5 or more/visit.The kids are as pissed with 1 as 5, the adults are the basket cases.Bringing in a kid for 5 sessions for what can be done in one is abuse.
Shots OK w Autism. There's no evidence that immunization cause autism (besides the doctor in england who made that claim has been defrocked).
Not quite that simpl. You should definately read 'what you doctor may not tell you about vaccinations' by stephanie cave. It is really a very individual decision, some immune situations make individuals more prone to have a troublesome reactions and the book will explain in detail to be sure and 'premedicate with vit c and vit a ' to avoid negative reactions, single vaccines are a better choice in general.