I have spina bifida and can I conceive?

Spina bifida. Spina bifida is a very broad spectrum of disorders. In most cases it does not prevent conception but if you have it you should have a prenatal evaluation to determine the severity of it and whether you might need to medications such as folic acid before conceiving.
Yes. Yes. But there may be other issues that impact your ability to carry a pregnancy to term, or other problems with delivery. I would consult with your ob/gyn. Good luck.

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I had an abortion due to spina bifida this november 2013. When can I conceive again? I kindly request you to mention the month I can conceive.

Spina bifida. You can conceived pretty much at any point how would suggest you go on a folic supplement which you need to start at least 30 days before conception - this will reduce your risk for a another child with spina bifida. Read more...

Dear Dr. This year I had two stillborns. First baby at 32weeks and had spina bifida. Second baby was a stillborn too at 20 weeks due. No reasons were told by doctors both the times. I don't want it to happen when I conceive third time. Need your advices

Consult Geneticist. In this case I'd advise that you be referred to a geneticist as well as try and discover if an autopsy was ever done on your 20 week stillborn to find out whether or not it may have also suffered some birth defects especially neural tube which is what the 32 weeker seemed to have. If you'd like a private discussion contact me at: www.healthtap.com/drsaghafi Use Key Code: PDXFNR for an appointment. Read more...